Hyundai utes coming to Australia

Hyundai utes are on the way

I’m old enough to remember when the Hyundai Excel launched in Australia. They never made an Excel ute, but it didn’t stop one champion from building his own! Australians’ perceptions of Hyundai have changed so much since then, so...

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Saving money on tradies insurance

10 tips to save money on tradies insurance

There are plenty of tradie memes about clients who choose the lowest quote.  Typically it involves a picture of terrible building work! But the fact is that most people are looking for a cheap quote, and that includes tradies...

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Tradie Insurance Brokers

Why would a tradie need an insurance broker?

As a self-employed tradie, why would you bother using an insurance broker? Your business is fairly straightforward, you can get quotes from most insurance companies online, and why pay extra fees to a middle-man, right? Not so fast! Just...

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Mazda BT-50

New BT50 Revealed

Mazda have just released their all new BT-50 ute. Whilst the previous BT-50 was based on the Ford Ranger, they have now switched camps to Isuzu. This means the new BT-50 shares its underpinnings and engines with the new...

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Plasterers Insurance Guide

Plasterers Insurance

We’ve been helping plasterers with their business insurance needs for the last decade. Whilst public liability is the most common form of insurance we help plasterers with, we can also help with their tools, vehicles and their personal cover....

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2022 Ford Ranger Hybrid

2022 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger has emerged over the last decade or so as a major competitor to the Toyota HiLux, and is a favourite for many tradies. It’s looked pretty similar over much of that time though…  The T6 Ranger,...

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HomeBuilder Scheme

$25k HomeBuilder Scheme Confirmed

After weeks of speculation the Government has finally released the details of the HomeBuilder scheme. The scheme is designed to prop up the residential building sector, keeping builders and tradies on the tools. The Government grants will provide financial...

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Tree Lopping Insurance

Tree Lopping Insurance

There are some occupations and business types which need insurance more than others, and tree loppers definitely fall into that category. As a tree lopper or arborist you know there are some serious risks that you face every day...

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New Hilux images

New 2021 Toyota HiLux

The current Toyota HiLux hasn’t been known as a particularly good looking ute. Introduced back in 2015, there were some rather unkind comments about its front end, comparing to an internet-famous dog commonly referred to as Phteven… But that...

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Worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner, and how you can protect yourself from them. There are many risks that you face when working in the trades, and even more when you own a trades business. As the...

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