Thanks for reviewing our submission. Below you will find some supporting images for our entry.

This is our Facebook page with over 14k followers:

And our Instagram page with over 2k followers:

This chart confirms our growth in audience, impressions and engagements.  Many were up over 100% in 2020 compared with 2019.

Then we have our “Tradie Daily” page that takes those impression and engagement numbers to another level.  Almost 36 million impressions!

This is our Google ranking update for one of the last weeks of 2020.  It shows our search visibility in Google compared to our competitors.

We dominate our direct competitors in the trade space, and even others outside of the trades.  Our visibility in Google is more than triple our nearest competitor, and we were still accelerating further ahead:

Confirmation of our feedback results via Feefo.

For 2020 only:

And for all time.  Showing how we’ve maintained a very high 4.7 rating for over 5 years:

You can view our public feedback here:

Thank you.