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Why do tradies

Why do tradies… Answering the big questions

What do Australians really want to know about tradies? Google’s autocomplete function gives us an insight into this question when you start typing “do tradies” or “why do tradies”. So we thought we’d have a crack at answering the...

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No forking worries

Tradie Mayhem Top 15 – December 2016

Here are the top 15 most liked photos from Tradie Mayhem last month.  Some absolute crackers in there! Some of the injury photos are quite graphic, so be warned before you scroll down… 15. “House at brick stage has...

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Featured Image

Tradie Mayhem Top 15 – November 2016

In the past we’ve published a few “all time” top 10 lists from the Facebook page Tradie Mayhem. The page now produces enough quality content that we’re going to step it up a gear, and post a new list...

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Featured Image

Tradie Mayhem – All time top 10

The Tradie Mayhem Facebook page showcases some of the funniest (and scariest!) stuff happening on worksites around Australia. We’ve put together a gallery of their most popular posts of all time based on likes, comments and shares. Some of...

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Handyman to Become a Trade Qualification

This was an April Fools joke from 2016… DEPARTMENT OF BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION Media Release Handyman to Become a Trade Qualification The Department of Building and Construction is pleased to announce the latest addition to the list of qualified...

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Angle grinder

Tradie Mayhem Top 10 – 2015

The Tradie Mayhem page on Facebook shows some of the craziest things happening on work sites around Australia. We’ve put together a gallery of the top 10 most ‘liked’ photos over the last six months… 1. “Not a good start to...

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Grinder Face Pixelate

Top 10 photos from Tradie Mayhem

One of our favourite pages on Facebook right now is Tradie Mayhem. The page features some pretty wild photos sent in by tradies from around the country. Some of the photos are simply funny, some are cringeworthy (especially for us...

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Astra loaded with timber

Who needs a ute?

Australia was the birthplace of the ute, and for decades they’ve been used by tradies all over the country. But do we really need utes?  These guys would suggest they are not required… Not even a lack of roof...

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Air con installers 3

World’s most dangerous trades: Air conditioning installers

Which trades do you associate with danger on the worksite? Roofing contractors and scaffolders spring to mind, mainly because of the heights they work at. Another one to add to the list is air conditioning contractors. Here in Australia...

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Scissor life, stairs and plank

Ladder and plank madness

Lately on the Trade Risk Facebook page we’ve been posting pictures of some fairly questionable workplace practices. Whilst these pics are kind of amusing to look at, you can’t escape the fact that there is some incredibly risky behaviour...

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