Everyone wants the cheapest price on everything these days, including tradies insurance.

People love to haggle on price, shop around and spend an hour to save themselves twenty bucks.

As as tradie you would’ve experienced the same no doubt.

You quote someone on a quality job, only to have someone else undercut you.

And chances are the bloke who undercut you is going to have to cut a few corners to still make a buck on the job.

I think we’d all agree that you get what you pay for.

Look at your own gear for example.  Do you drive a Great Wall ute and have a box full of the cheapest tools from Bunning?

If you’re a half-decent tradie the answer is probably not!  Instead you pay extra for a quality Hilux and decent tools to get the job done.

We work hard so we can buy nice things, right?

But unfortunately a lot of tradies don’t see insurance in the same light.  They think all policies and brokers are just the same, with the only difference being price.

This isn’t restricted to tradies of course.  The whole insurance industry is heading down this path.

Think of it this way…

If one ute was $30k and the other ute was $40k, would you automatically buy they cheaper one?

If one reciprocating saw was $50 and the other was $200, would you buy the cheaper one without asking any questions?

Of course not!

But plenty of tradies do exactly this with public liability insurance.

They’ll get one quote for $350 and another for $400, and pick the cheaper one without asking any questions.

But they saved fifty bucks right?  Sure they paid $50 less, but just like the cheap ute and tools, it doesn’t mean you’ve made the right decision.

Thankfully not all tradies (and business owners in general) see it this way, but there are plenty who do.

Recently we received this feedback from a client who cancelled their policy:

“you guys did nothing wrong i just looked for a cheaper price and found one, only by $40 but it’s still money, you guys are still one of the best around.”

Really?  You’d leave the best to save $40 a year?

We totally get that money’s money.  A dollar saved is a dollar earned.  Etcetera, etcetera.

But you need to compare apples with apples.  You could save thousands by trading in your Hilux for a Great Wall, but would you?  Money’s money right…?

So how do we at Trade Risk prove that we’re the Hilux and the cheaper competitors are the Great Wall?

That is, why you should you be willing to stick with us when they’re might be some cheaper competitors out there?

By the way, we have nothing against Great Wall utes!  We’ve never driven one.  They’re just the most well-known example of a very inexpensive ute.

Anyone can say they’re the best, but how can you actually prove it?

Tradies love us

Well for starters, we’re the trade insurance experts.  Our team only look after tradies and businesses involved in the building and construction industry.

Additionally, we only use qualified insurance brokers, not sales staff.

Of course they’re going to have more expertise than someone sitting in a call centre dealing with anyone and everyone seeking insurance.

With Trade Risk, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to look after you.  This beats having to ring a call centre every time you need to enquire about your insurance.

So where’s the proof that this is so good for tradies?

We are the only trade insurance broker to have engaged an independent ratings agency to survey our clients on their experience, and the results are impressive.

Our average rating is 4.6 stars out of 5.0, with the vast majority of clients rating us five stars.

Feefo Rating

What’s even more satisfying are the amazing things that our clients write about us.

You’d swear we wrote some of them ourselves, but because we use an independent agency to collect the reviews you can be assured they are all genuine.

You can view all of our reviews and ratings here

Winners are grinners

We’ve won multiple awards for our insurance services to tradies.

Insurance Business magazine has twice named us in their ‘Elite Broker’ list of Australia’s top 30 insurance brokers.

Elite Insurance Brokers 2015
Elite Insurance Brokers 2016


These rankings are based on a number of different criteria including the number of new clients who join us each year, and most importantly, the number of clients who stick with us year after year.

If we’re winning awards like this, we must be doing something right for the thousands of tradies who trust us with their insurance.

Quality doesn’t have to be expensive!

After reading all this you might be thinking that Trade Risk must be an expensive place to get your insurance through, but the truth is very different.

Our size has made it possible to use our buying power to get even better prices for tradies.

So in many cases, you’ll actually find that Trade Risk premiums are cheaper than most of the competition.

If anyone is offering lower premiums than us, chances are they aren’t providing the same level of service that we are.

As an example, a recent newcomer to the tradie space is offering very low premiums, but won’t give out their phone number!

What’s the use of using a broker if you’re not allowed to call them?

We could reduce our service levels and our premiums too, but then what are we?  That’s not Trade Risk.

So is the cheapest trade insurance always the best option?  Only if it’s a Trade Risk policy!

Finding cheaper public liability cover for tradies

At Trade Risk we pride ourselves on offering very competitively priced insurance for tradies.

Often we’re cheaper than the big insurance companies, and cheaper than our rival brokers.

Our buying power is a big part of this, as we’ve been able to negotiate special rates thanks to the thousands of tradie clients we look after.

But there’s a new breed of online offering which is now offering public liability at the same price or even lower than us.

We totally get that saving money is important, and if you can save $20 on your insurance, why not?

But you need to go into these things with yours eyes open, because we are definitely not all equals when it comes to providing insurance…

Super cheap public liability

Some of these companies offering very cheaply priced public liability insurance can do so for a reason, and it’s mainly because of their service levels.

Want to speak with someone about your insurance?  Forget it!  Some providers are 100% online and do not even provide a contact phone number.

You might think that’s okay, but believe us, when you have a problem you definitely want to be able to pick up the phone!

These providers often insure anyone.  If you’re a carpenter, a market stall operator or a shopkeeper, they will put you all through the same online system.

Again you might think ‘big deal’, but there are some serious benefits in dealing with a company that specialises in the trades.

When you need to make a claim, or need to make some changes to your policy for a big contract you’ve just won, do you want to deal with a call centre operator (or an email operator) or would you prefer to speak with a team of trade insurance experts?

The Trade Risk difference

Although we have very competitively priced premiums and offer many of our services online, we are very different to these cheap 100% online options.

For starters, we are trade insurance experts.  Our expert staff deal with tradies all day every day.  From sole traders and subbies through to national contracting companies.

Our staff actually know what you do for a living and understand what your risks are.  If you need advice about your insurance needs, our team will be able to give you the right advice.

Here’s some feedback that our clients have provided via independent ratings agency Feefo.  This is the type of service you can expect when dealing with trade experts:

“My brother-in-law was in need of public liability insurance so I googled “public liability insurance for trades” and came across Trade Risk. Trade Risk’s step by step online process is really simple and when it came to getting a quote then signing up, they have the nicest staff to talk to.

They impressed me so much so, that when my husband needed to get public liability insurance I didn’t bother looking anywhere else. My husband’s cover was a little trickier than the brother-in-laws, but Trade Risk went above and beyond in getting the best cover for the best price.

I would recommend them to anyone that is looking around for insurance.”

Our clients often know our staff by name, such is the level of service we provide:

“Yes I would recommend them. We use you for Public liability insurance. Between Bronwyn and Sophie they are able to answer any query and action everything with great efficiency. Thanks girls!”

And we can help you when things don’t go to plan:

“Our insurance policy had expired while we were overseas on an extended holiday. Upon our return I contacted Trade Risk who advised we needed to take out a new policy.  This was completed with a minimum of fuss and at virtually the same premium.  We were very happy with the service we received from Trade Risk.”

Our service even manages to impress people who had no intention of using us:

“Very prompt service, was never going to sign with Trade Risk as was just quoting, but due to their exceptional service, I could not find a reason not too, even getting my signature over many broker associates of my own.”

As the tradies insurance experts we are here to help:

“The contact person was very helpful as we were unsure what we required. Very easy to have the insurance put in place.”

Yep, we’re always here to help:

“This service is prompt and professional and staff are available to talk to about any issues or concerns. Most impressed and would recommend Trade Risk.”

Okay so you probably get the point now, but we could keep going for pages and pages!  If you want to read more for yourself check our all of our Trade Risk reviews.

This is what you’re paying for when you choose Trade Risk over one of the super cheap options.

And seriously, we’re generally talking about a difference of around $30 – $40 per YEAR.  That’s if there’s any difference at all.

We may be biased, but in our opinion the extra money is the best value you’ll get.  A couple of bucks extra per month to have unlimited access to our trade insurance experts.

If you’re still not convinced, give our team a call on 1800 808 800 and ask them anything about your trade insurance.  You won’t be disappointed.

Good, fast and cheap – it is possible!

There’s a common saying in business when it comes to wanting things good, cheap and fast.

You can pick any two of them, but not the third.  i.e.

You can have good and cheap, but it won’t be fast.

You can have fast and good, but it won’t be cheap.

You can have cheap and fast, but it won’t be good.

It’s as old as the hills, but it’s quite clever and does apply to an awful lot of things.

But what about insurance?

It probably can apply to most insurance providers, and to some more than others.

But at Trade Risk, we reckon we’ve cracked it with our brilliant online system.

We genuinely believe that we’ve made tradies insurance good, fast and cheap.

How so?  Technology!

Our online system has evolved over the years to the point where we believe it’s the best out there.


We offer a high quality policy from an award winning underwriter, and here at Trade Risk we’re also a multi award winner.

We can back up our claims of having the best service in the industry with over 200 independently sourced reviews from genuine clients.

So is it a good product and service?  Absolutely.


Our system is super-fast.  You can get an instant quote for your public liability insurance within a few seconds, and have a certificate of currently in your inbox within a few minutes.

No phone calls, no paperwork, no stuffing about.  Of course if you prefer to call us, you can do that too.

You can’t any faster than that!


For most other businesses, this is where it ends.  You have good and fast, but you can’t have it cheap.

Our super-efficient online system means we can offer tradies public liability insurance for less than our competitors.

Because our system looks after 99% of the process, we save money on extra staff and can pass those savings on to you.

If you compare our premiums with our competitors, you’ll find we’re often the cheapest or not too far off.

But they’re not ‘cheap’ polcies…

To be honest we’d rather call our pricing competitive rather than cheap.

Cheap generally doesn’t mean something is good, but it’s important to understand why our policies are priced as low as they are.

Much of that goes back to the fact that we only deal with tradies.

We didn’t have to build a super complex system that could deal without hundreds, or even thousands of different occupations and business types.

Our system is focused on around one hundred different trades and occupations in the building and construction industry.

This makes our system super-efficient and super-fast, and means we can still offer a great quality policy at a very low price.

Also helping is our size.  Because we deal with thousands of tradies, we’re able to negotiate better prices than other brokers who don’t specialise.

When you combine market strength with great technology, you get a great result for everyone including our clients.

Tradies can have it all!

So there you go.  When it comes to tradies insurance, with Trade Risk you really can have the trifecta of good, fast and cheap.

If you prefer the old school way of talking to a real person and going a little slower, we can deal with that too.

Our office is staffed by qualified insurance brokers who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

And you know what?  We’ll still charge you the same low price as if you used our system.

See what we mean?  Tradies can have it all when it comes to their insurance.  As long as you choose Trade Risk as your broker.