Media for the Insurance Business Awards 2020.

I’ve put together a range of media to support our finalist submissions in the following categories:

  • Best Digital Strategy – Brokerage
  • Best Customer Service from an Individual Office
  • Brokerage of the Year (1-5 Staff)

This is a graphic I’m very proud of. It’s our quarterly revenue from day 1 through to the end of 2019. There have been a few little ups and downs, but the overall trend is pretty obvious.

This next one is most relevant to our Best Digital Strategy submission, but still has overall relevance. It relates to some humorous (I think!) content that we published on the Trade Risk website, but shared on our Trade Risk page.

Note the reach – over 64k of our target market saw the post on Facebook, and over 4k engaged with it. Over 3k clicked through to our website, giving us some great brand exposure as the average visit was just under 4 minutes.

That’s incredible exposure considering it costs us nothing more than time.

This next one’s just to confirm the audience and pageview stats that we used in the Digital Strategy submission. The big spike in November is when we updated our “How much do tradies earn” report. It’s always massive!

Here’s our post which brings in the biggest results each year. It shows enormous reach of over 200k (up from 130k in 2018) and a massive 17k clicks through to the Trade Risk website (up from 6k in 2018). This was not a boosted/promoted post, and instead shows the quality and usefulness of the digital content we produce for our target market.

This next one shows the benefits of our race team sponsorship, and how it gives our existing clients access to a world champion – Toby Price.

Price is pictured below with the son of one of our clients. Note the Trade Risk logo in shot, which was actually Toby’s idea!

The next one is also more relevant to our digital strategy. It confirms the engagement statistics for our Facebook page. The first one is for our branded Trade Risk page, and the second for our Tradie Daily page.

Notice the massive spike in the graph above? It was due to the post below. A massive 789k reach and 190k engagements! That’s a non-boosted post that gave us priceless brand awareness amongst our target market.

Finally, here’s one of our stickers that we provide to customers who’ve gone a certain number of years without claiming on their public liability insurance.  It’s a way of rewarding clients and giving them something that can enhance their own marketing and image.  This was launched in 2017.

Gold Award for Tradies

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