What is a sole trader?

What is a Sole Trader?

Setting up as a sole trader is a common way for tradies to start their business. Our data shows that over 72% of tradies start their business with this structure. Whilst we’ve all heard the term, what does being...

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How the budget affects tradies

What the 2018 budget means for tradies

Note: This is our summary of the 2018 budget.  To view the latest guide please follow the link below: Budget 2019: What’s in it for Tradies? It’s that exciting time of the year again, Budget night! Last night the...

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Switching from sole trader to company

Switching from Sole Trader to Pty Ltd Company

Many tradies start their self-employed life as a sole trader, but as their business grows, switching to a company is not uncommon. It can make a lot of sense to go this way.  When you go out on your...

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