PROTRADE - Google reviews for tradies

Google Reviews for Trade Businesses

At Trade Risk we’re major advocates for client reviews and ratings in our own business, and we believe they can be just as powerful for a trades business. Our great friends at PROTRADE United have put together the following...

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Is renovation work drying up for tradies?

Renovation work drying up for tradies

Aussies love a good renovation, but the numbers from one source shows we’re not doing it as much as we used to. This isn’t the greatest news for tradies and builders, given that for many of them renovations are...

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What is a sole trader?

What is a Sole Trader?

Setting up as a sole trader is a common way for tradies to start their business. Our data shows that over 72% of tradies start their business with this structure. Whilst we’ve all heard the term, what does being...

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Carpentry Job

Starting a Carpentry Business

A whole world of opportunity can open for a carpenter once the apprenticeship is over. Some chippies choose to spend a few more years on wages, but switching to self-employment is always an attractive option. By this stage you...

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Tradie Confidence Index Cover

Confidence Increasing Amongst Tradies

The results from the latest Tradie Confidence Index (TCI) show that tradies are feeling more confident across the board. The latest results cover the final quarter of 2017, being October to December. In four of the five questions asked...

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Switching from sole trader to company

Switching from Sole Trader to Pty Ltd Company

Many tradies start their self-employed life as a sole trader, but as their business grows, switching to a company is not uncommon. It can make a lot of sense to go this way.  When you go out on your...

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Saving Money

How bankruptcy can affect a tradie

We’re insurance brokers and cannot assist with any advice on bankruptcy. The below article is for general information purposes only. If you are looking for insurance and currently bankrupt, we are unable to assist in any way. If you...

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Business Cards

Business Cards – An essential tradie tool

With the advent of digital touch points such as websites and social media, and traditional tradie marketing material such as flyers and brochures, not much noise is made about traditional business cards. But a physical business card is still a great...

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Budget for Tradespeople

Are Trade Directories Worthwhile?

If you’re looking for more work for your trade business, one option worth looking at is an online trade directory. But are these directories worthwhile? There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of online directories just in Australia, so listing on...

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What is my turnover?

What Is My Turnover?

Whenever someone requests a quote from us we always have to ask about your annual turnover. Most business owners know what turnover is, but if you’re a little unsure that’s totally understandable. To help out we have put together...

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