Here are the top 15 most liked photos from Tradie Mayhem last month.  Some absolute crackers in there!

Some of the injury photos are quite graphic, so be warned before you scroll down…


“House at brick stage has been demolished in Clyde north, someone must have stuffed up”

Demolished house

Top comment: “Maybe it was on the wrong block.”

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“This happened to me back in 2003. It was from a door hinge borer. 35mm drill bit + 2 x 10mm drill bits.”

Hand injury

Top comment: “I understand getting one drill bit through your hand, but why on earth would you go back to the car for a second one and make the same mistake?”

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Slab out

Top comment: “Whta the fck is the bath tub in already for?”

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Top comment: “Can’t work out iff the bricks are worse then the flashings”

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“Got electrocuted on power lines while holding copper pipe”

Shocked fingers

Top comment: “Electric shock* if he was electrocuted he would be dead”

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Top comment: “Clearly this is next doors crossover as you can see the white boundary peg with pink ribbon. There will be crossover on other side of block. Client would of requested house to be like that and its clients responsibility to install new crossover after handover. Very common and standard procedure.”

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Painter on ladder

Top comment: “Stupid idiot never put a drop sheet down, what sort of a tradesman is he?”

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Top comment: “And that my friends, is how workcover insurance premiums skyrocketed…”

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Tradies Insurance Ad


Cashies skirting

Top comment: “Nice little toe catcher! Especially at 3 in the morning.”

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Scaffold ute

Top comment: “This is what you do when you own a ute. It’s a challenge to see how much you can get on there. Just need endless supply of good old blue and yellow rope”

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“That’ll stop it from tripping!”


Top comment: “I can’t believe people can do this kind of crap. I mean seriously is there no concern for safety? I’m no sparky but even I know that you need a high tensile bolt for this”

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“Tilers tiled straight over the front of cupboards which are obviously meant to open and close….”

Top comment: “Maybe want to ask the dicks who made the cupboards too long”

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House pillar

Top comment: “I don’t think this was an accident gents..or I hope it wasn’t.. could be an estate Covenant requirement. Some estates don’t allow the garage door to make up more than a certain percentage of the facade.. looks like the driveway splays out to accomodate the weird set up”

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“Told them to pack it out to suit and this is what the chippy came up with”

Pack it out

Top comment: “That’s what 400mm?  2% seasonal expansion and contraction says that door is fcked come winter.”

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No forking worries

Top comment: “Why does that look like it has been used to stab someone?”

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Tradie Mayhem December 2016