As a boilermaker there are various forms of business insurance you may need.

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Boilermaker Insurance Types

There are many different types of business insurance that a boilermaker may need.  Whilst we can help with all of them, in this guide we’ll look at some of the more common ones.

If you’d like to learn more about other types of cover you may need, please call us for a chat.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is the most common form of business insurance for a boilermaker.

This policy will cover you in the event that you cause property damage or personal injury to a third party.

Due to the diversity of work that a boilermaker can undertake, it’s important to let your insurance broker know about the different types of work you’re doing, as this can affect your public liability coverage.

Important points include whether you’re doing structural welding or only non-structural, and whether your work includes commercial or industrial locations.

Whether or not you do welding only on your own premises, or also on site, can also have an impact on the coverage and the price.

Another important consideration is that most public liability policies for boilermakers will include conditions around ensuring your work area is safe and that you’re working to Australian Standards.

Failure to meet such conditions, if they’re listed in your policy, could have a major impact upon a claim.

If you’re unsure it’s best to speak with one of our specialist insurance brokers to ensure the cover is right for you and your business.

Tool Insurance

As a boilermaker you may have your own decent collection of tools and gear, including of course your welding equipment.

You can protect this gear from a range of risks with the help of tool insurance.

Tool insurance can protect your investment in the event of fire damage, vehicle collision damage and – often most importantly – theft.

An important consideration with tool insurance and theft is that most standard policies will only cover theft following forced or violent entry.

So if someone has to break into your van or smash your toolbox locks, you’ll be covered.  But if they can pluck your gear straight out of your ute or from a worksite, they won’t be covered.

You can get insurance that will cover your gear for theft without forced entry, but it is a lot more expensive and we find not particularly popular.

Personal Accident Insurance

As with most trades, your hands are pretty important as a boilermaker!

And if you’re a self-employed boilermaker, as is the case with most Trade Risk clients, if you’re unable to work you’re not earning an income.

Personal accident insurance can help by protecting a large portion of your income for a period of time whilst you’re unable to work due to injury.

You can also cover yourself whilst being unable to work due to illness, but generally this will be an optional extra rather than a standard inclusion.

In many ways personal accident insurance is similar to income protection insurance, however income protection is sold by financial advisers and is typically a more comprehensive level of cover.

We can assist with personal accident insurance, and we can also refer you to one of our trusted partners if you require income protection insurance.

Other Boilermaking Insurance Types

There are plenty of other forms of boilermakers insurance, and it all depends on the nature of your business in terms of what you need.

We can insure your ute, van, trailer or any other commercial vehicles.  Whether it’s a single vehicle or a large fleet, we can assist.

If you’re undertaking design work or providing paid advice or reports, you may also require professional indemnity insurance.  This is also something we can help with.

The best option is to speak with one of our specialist insurance brokers.  They’ll ask questions about your business and make recommendations about how to protect yourself and your business with the right insurance.

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