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Public Liability for Tradesmen

There are two types of people who come looking for public liability cover. Those who want to protect their assets in case things go wrong, and those who don’t care but just need the cover for their job.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into, because we can help you either way.

Public liability insurance helps you by covering the costs of a claim made against you for property damage or personal injury caused by your activities.

A simple claim may just be a few grand to replace the carpet you accidentally ruined, but a more serious claim could result when someone falls into the ditch you’ve just dug and breaks their neck.

These claims can run into the millions of dollars, and without the right cover most tradies would be sent bankrupt, losing everything they’ve ever worked for.

The cover is a lot cheaper than you might think, with policies available from just $40 a month.

Don’t risk working without insurance – it’s just not worth it.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability is designed to protect you and your business in the event that you cause property damage or personal injury to another person.

With most trades involving a lot of manual work, the risk of personal injury and property damage is high, and that’s what makes this insurance so important.

If you are found to be responsible for damage or injury to another person due to negligence, you will be responsible for all of that person’s costs.

This could include the cost of repair or replacement in the case of property damage, whilst for personal injury it could include anything from medical expenses through to lost income and other forms of compensation.

These costs can be financially devastating for a tradesman and his business, and a serious claim could easily send you bankrupt. With public liability insurance in place you can rest assured that a claim will be looked after without you having to endure financial hardship.

Cover for Tradies

Although public liability is available for many different occupations and industries, it is the trades industry that relies most heavily on this form of cover.

Tradesmen are exposed to greater risks than most workers, and due to often being subcontractors or running their own businesses, the financial risks can be huge.

Insurance can take away that financial risk by covering the costs of action taken against you to recover funds. Sometimes this will be the result of court action, and other times it can be a simple agreement between the parties.

The consequences of major action against you and your business can be financially devastating, so it’s definitely worth investing a dollar or two each day to pass your financial risk onto a big insurance company rather than having to settle a claim out of your own pocket.

Tradesman insurance can include more than just public liability, but it is certainly one of the most important covers, and the one that most tradesmen can’t do without.

Choosing Public Liability Insurance

What should you look out for when choosing a policy?

Most tradies will look at price first, and because many policies are quite similar from one insurer to the next, this isn’t a bad place to start.

The premiums can vary greatly between insurers, and often the features and benefits between each insurer are not too dissimilar.

Price isn’t everything however, and there are a few other factors to look at. When choosing a public liability provider, we recommend using an insurer with a strong and reputable name that you know will be there when you need it.

Whilst most policies are very similar, there are a few extra features and benefits to look out for. Some policies include tax audit cover, which can help to cover the costs if your business is subject to an ATO tax audit. The likelihood of being audited may be fairly low, but the costs can be very high if you are targeted by the tax office.

One of the best ways to choose the right policy is to use an insurance broker who specialises in your industry.

Here at Trade Risk we specialise in tradesman insurance, and our network of tradesman insurance specialists can help to find you the cover that is going to suit you and your business.

For more information or to get a quote on your public liability insurance please follow the links to our free online quote request.

The Expert’s Opinion

Do you care about you and your family’s financial security? If the answer is yes, then public liability insurance is an absolute must.

There are a million things that can go wrong on the worksite. Some of them you can control, but there are some events that no amount of planning or care can stop from happening.

If one of these events resulted in major damage to a property, or in major injury or death to someone, the financial impact on your business and your family can be absolutely devastating.

It is events like this that have sent many tradies and their businesses into bankruptcy. Financial problems can also lead to relationship problems, and suddenly a problem on the worksite can bring your whole world crashing down.

For the sake of $50 (or less) per month you can protect yourself from all this trouble by taking out a decent policy. The application process is easy, and it may well be the best investment you make in your business.

You may get through your whole working life without ever going through a serious liability claim, but if you do, you’ll be glad you had the right cover in place. The alternative just isn’t worth thinking about.

Contact Trade Risk today to find out how inexpensive public liability insurance could be for you and your trades business.

Not a Tradesman?

It’s not just people in the trades or construction industry who need public liability.

This form of cover is important for a huge range of different business sizes and types, from sole traders right through to major national companies.

Here at Trade Risk we have an in-house specialist who can assist other business types, so even if you’re not a tradie please give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist you.