Why do we work so hard on the tools (or in the office) everyday?

Aside from financial security, the main reason is often so we can enjoy our time away from work!

At Trade Risk we love helping tradies with their business insurance, and now we can assist with your travel insurance as well.

TravelCard is quite a unique offering in the travel insurance market, and makes claiming on your insurance whilst abroad far easier.

For an online quote on travel insurance via TravelCard please hit the button below.

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For more information about TravelCard and the benefits for tradies, please read on…

What is TravelCard?

TravelCard has taken a completely different approach to travel insurance.

Instead of having to pay upfront and fill out claim forms to get reimbursed upon your return to Australia, TravelCard allows you to claim via their smartphone app and receive funds in real-time to your TravelCard issued MasterCard.

No matter where in the world you are, the money you need will be transferred to your card to make immediate payment.