Electricians should consider themselves one of the trades most needing of good insurance.

After all, you work with something that could kill yourself or others, so it’s pretty serious!

Electricians insurance comes in various forms, and includes cover for yourself, your clients and third parties, as well as material items such as your tools and vehicles.

At Trade Risk we insure around 1,000 electrical contractors and consider them to be one of our strongest specialty areas.

We’ve put together a fantastic guide on electricians insurance which you can read below, but if you’d simply like a quote on your public liability, complete the following fields for an instant response:

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What is electricians insurance?

Electricians insurance, and specifically public liability for electricians, will respond in the event that your work results in property damage or personal injury to a third party.

Generally when talking about electricians insurance we’re referring to public liability.

Public liability insurance is the cover most commonly required by electricians, and by tradies in general for that matter.

What it covers is property damage or personal injury to third parties, where you are found to be responsible due to negligence.

So if you cause property damage or personal injury, this is the policy that’s potentially going to save you from losing your house.

Many states and territories in Australia have made it mandatory for licensed electrical contractors to hold public liability insurance.

In Queensland these requirements are even more stringent, and we’ll cover this in more detail later in this guide.

The electrician insurance experts

Electrical Gems Magazine

As well as having assisted over 1,000 Aussie electricians with their insurance needs, we have also been recognised by industry publications.

Electrical Gems magazine recently featured Trade Risk in their ‘Ask the Expert’ column, as well as an article about public liability cover.

You can view the articles here for further information about insurance for sparkies.

Electrician’s business activities and insurance

Some people not in the trade might think that an electrician is an electrician, and that one size fits all.

And some insurers also have a very simple idea of what an electrician does, and therefore what activities they’ll cover under their policy.

At Trade Risk we know that electrical contractors can undertake all sorts of activities, and it’s certainly not limited to wiring up new houses and installing power points.

We know that plenty of sparkies are now doing solar installations for example, or installing and maintaining split system air conditioning units.

You’ll find that some insurance providers do not include these activities in their standard policies, and not only that, but they won’t specifically ask you about such activities.

So if you haven’t told them about the solar and air conditioning work you’re doing, and their standard policy doesn’t provide cover, you could find yourself not properly covered.

The Trade Risk difference is that if you take out a new policy today via our website, you can be assured that it does cover solar and split system air conditioning work.

That’s a pretty serious advantage if you’re still deciding which insurance broker should be looking after your electrician insurance needs!

It’s important to note that the above relates only to new policies taken out via our online system.  Some older policies may not include this coverage.  If you have an existing policy and are unsure, please contact our office ASAP and we’ll be able to confirm or possibly switch you over to a new policy.

As an electrical contractor you want to be concentrating on your work, not worrying about whether or not you have the right policy for your needs.

If you do undertake any activities which may be considered a little different to a typical electricians, it is vital that you let us know so we can confirm whether or not the policy is right for you.

Types of electricians insurance

As touched on earlier, public liability is the most common form of insurance for electricians, but it’s certainly not the only form of cover.

Tool insurance

Given the value of the tools and equipment you are required to cart around in your ute or van, tool insurance is popular with electricians.

Tool insurance can cover the costs of your gear if it is damaged by fire or in a vehicle collision, or if it stolen following forced or violent entry.

Unfortunately tool theft is all too common in Australia, and electrician’s vehicles and trailers are being cleaned out every day.

Tool insurance won’t stop that from happening, but it can ease the pain by covering the value of the tools afterwards.

Commercial motor insurance

Speaking of vehicles, it’s also important to insure your ute or van, or your trailer if applicable.

Many electricians insure their vehicles separately with the direct insurers, but we can put together a package which covers your public liability, yours tools and your vehicle.

If you are insuring your vehicle directly with one of the big name brands, make sure you let them know the vehicle is for commercial use.

Just because you have a commercial vehicle doesn’t mean the insurance company will assume it’s for commercial use.

Insuring your vehicle for commercial use will generally increase the premium, but not telling them could simply result in a claim being declined.

When you insure with Trade Risk we’ll put your vehicle under a business policy, so it’s automatically covered for commercial use.

Income protection / accident and illness insurance

Another important form of cover, especially for self-employed electricians, is income protection.

Although we don’t deal with income protection directly at Trade Risk, we can refer you to one of our partners who specialises in this type of insurance specifically for tradies.


There are plenty of other forms of electricians insurance, and whether or not you’ll need them depends on your business type.

Although we can appear like an online insurance provider, behind the scenes we are staffed by qualified insurance brokers operating from our Brisbane office.

This means we can help out with a lot more than just quick quotes on public liability and tool insurance for sparkies!

If you operate from your own premises we can provide a full business pack to cover your contents, stock, machinery any even the actual building if you own it.

For those undertaking larger projects we can assist with contract works insurance, as well as contractual liability insurance.

Our brokers are willing and able to discuss any of these insurance types with you, and help you to get the best deal on the cover you need.

Qld electrical contractors

If you’re an electrical contractor in Queensland applying for or renewing your licence, you’ll need a special option on your insurance which is unique to the sunshine state.

Licensed Qld electrical contractors require an option called Consumer Protection included in their public liability policy.

We can of course assist with this, and we can also issue the special certificate required by the Electrical Safety Office.

Most of our Qld electrician policies are underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds of London, who you will find on the official list of approved providers.

We can provide instant quotes and cover that meet the Qld licence requirements.  Simply select the “Electrical Contractor – Qld” occupation when selecting your trade and it will be automatically included.

More information

We can assist with your electrician insurance requirements online or over the phone.

For an instant quote on public liability insurance and the option to buy online, simply click here and follow the prompts.

If you’d prefer to speak with one of our qualified insurance brokers, you can call our office anytime during business hours on 1800 808 800.

At Trade Risk, electrical contractors are one of our specialties, so you can rely on us to find you the cover you need at a very competitive price.