Trade Risk is well known for public liability and tool insurance, but did you know we can look after your vehicle as well?

Many tradies choose to use Trade Risk for their public liability and tools, but put their ute with one of the mainstream insurers like AAMI or NRMA.

Why is this?  Probably because we’ve never really marketed ourselves as a business that can insure vehicles.

Despite that, we actually look after quite a few vehicles, from single utes through to fleets.

If you’re an existing client please contact your broker directly, or call the office on 1800 808 800.

NEW CLIENTS: We can only assist with your vehicle if you’re looking at bringing your full business insurance package to Trade Risk.

Trade Risk Ford Ranger

Benefits of using Trade Risk for your ute, van or truck

The most obvious benefit is that it keeps all of your business insurances with a single contact.

When you need to update your details or makes changes to your policies, you have a single person to speak to and sort everything out with a single call.

If you’re paying your trade insurance monthly, another major benefit is being able to include your vehicle in a single monthly repayment that covers all of your policies.

We can even setup your car insurance so that it has the same renewal date as your tool insurance and any other policies you have with Trade Risk.

When it comes to claim time, this is where the benefit of using Trade Risk really shines through.

Claim time is when we get to do our best work in order to achieve the best outcome for you as our client.

Instead of having to deal with different call centre operators, you can deal with your single point of contact at Trade Risk all the way through from start to finish.

And unlike dealing with the insurance company directly where you’re on your own, by using Trade Risk you have us on your side, as we act for you rather than for the insurer.

What about my trailer?

We’ve always offered stand-alone trailer insurance to our clients as part of our tradies pack, and this has proven to be a popular option.

Now with commercial vehicle insurance, we can include your trailer with the vehicle to save you more on your insurance.

Whilst most insurers do offer free cover for a trailer, it is generally a very low amount and would only cover a basic small box trailer.  We’re talking just a few hundred dollars in some cases.

Trailer cover included with your vehicle insurance with Trade Risk is not free, but you do have the ability to insure your trailer for its proper value.

What about normal cars?

The main products we use for vehicle insurance are designed specifically for business-use vehicles.

As long as the car is owned by a business, including a sole trader with an ABN, we can assist.

This is regardless of whether the vehicle is a truck or a sports car.  As long as it’s registered as a business vehicle, we can help.

We actually insure a couple of cars for clients which are as far from a typical tradies vehicle as you could get, but because they’re registered under the business, we can help them out.

What about my private-use car?

As insurance brokers we can help you with just about anything, including your vehicles for private use.

If you’re only interested in price, you’re probably best going to a direct insurer like Budget Direct. They don’t offer the same level of personalised service that we do, but their pricing is often unbeatable.

But if you prefer to have all of your insurance – both business and personal – looked after by your broker, we can certainly help. We do this for a number of clients.

We can also assist with classic and exotic vehicles. We have access to specialist insurers who provide more bespoke coverage for special vehicles where choice of repairer and salvage rights are more important.

We have assisted clients with classic and exotic vehicles (even when owned privately) so please get in touch if you’d like a quote for your special car.

PS. Our managing director is a car nut, so we definitely understand the importance of protecting your special vehicle.

Trade Risk Evo

Can you price-match other insurers?

If you’re insuring a single vehicle we’re not going to be the cheapest option, and we’re not going to price-match the direct insurance companies.

As insurance brokers we have access to a wide range of vehicle insurers, and we’ll recommend the one that we think is best for you at the most competitive price.

Why don’t we price-match? If you have a quote through someone like NRMA or AAMI you’re dealing with a direct insurance company. All of your dealings with them are going to be via a website or a call centre.

That allows them to offer relatively cheap car and home insurance.

But at Trade Risk we’re award-winning insurance brokers. Our level of service isn’t comparable to theirs, and our price probably won’t be either.

Our clients choose us to insure their utes, vans and other commercial vehicles because they know we’ll be here for them no matter what happens. That peace of mind is worth the extra $50 or so each year.

Multiple vehicles / fleet policies

Whilst we won’t be cheaper than the retail insurance companies on a single vehicle, we can often beat them when insuring multiple policies.

The reason is because we can put all of your company-owned vehicles on a fleet policy, which has more competitive fleet pricing.

We recently assisted an electrical contractor who had around five vehicles all separately insured through AAMI. We were able to save him hundreds of dollars per month on his insurance premiums!

Not only did he save money, but it’s now far more easy to manage as all vehicles are on a single policy.

How do I get a quote?

Unlike some of our other insurance types, we don’t currently have the ability to give you a quote on car insurance via our website.

So to get a quote, simply call us on 1800 808 800 or send us the details via our contact form.

We’re sure you’ll see the serious benefits of combining your vehicle insurance with the rest of your trade insurance pack.