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Tradie Ute

How the 2015 budget affects tradies

The federal budget released earlier this month has been touted as the budget for small business. As a small business owner myself, it was great to hear Joe Hockey go on about the benefits of small business on the...

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Electricians Insurance

Insuring your start-up trade business

When starting your own trade business there are so many things to think about. The first is probably whether or not you’re going to make enough money to pay the bills! Somewhere on your list of things to do,...

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Insurance Claim

Is income protection insurance worthwhile?

We deal with hundreds of tradies every month who are considering taking out insurance. What we find is that most decide to go with public liability cover only, with a smaller percentage choosing to take out income protection. So...

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Business Activity Statement

Bookkeeping for Tradies

Ask any tradie what holds them back in business, and often the answer will be paperwork. There is no better (or should we say worse) killer of time than having to sit at the kitchen table completing your Business...

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Budget for Tradespeople

Are Trade Directories Worthwhile?

If you’re looking for more work for your trade business, one option worth looking at is an online trade directory. But are these directories worthwhile? There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of online directories just in Australia, so listing on...

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Football Boots

Income Protection – Covered While Playing Football?

One of the main benefits of income protection is that it covers tradies both at work and at play. But when it comes to ‘play’ there are some major differences. From the insurance companies’ perspective, playing around with your...

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Trade Insurance

What is TPD Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance TPD is a form of life insurance which is designed to protect tradies and other workers from the financial consequences of losing the ability to work. If you suffer an injury or illness that...

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Income Protection Waiting Period

Trade Risk no longer deals in income protection.  This article contains general information only. All income protection insurance policies have a range of waiting periods to choose from. In this guide we will look at the different waiting periods...

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What is my turnover?

What Is My Turnover?

Whenever someone requests a quote from us we always have to ask about your annual turnover. Most business owners know what turnover is, but if you’re a little unsure that’s totally understandable. To help out we have put together...

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Faulty Workmanship Insurance

Faulty workmanship and defective work. A common question we get from tradesmen is whether or not public liability insurance covers them for faulty workmanship. The answer is yes – but only the consequences of the faulty workmanship are covered...

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