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Saving money on tradies insurance

10 tips to save money on tradies insurance

There are plenty of tradie memes about clients who choose the lowest quote.  Typically it involves a picture of terrible building work! But the fact is that most people are looking for a cheap quote, and that includes tradies...

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Tradie Insurance Brokers

Why would a tradie need an insurance broker?

As a self-employed tradie, why would you bother using an insurance broker? Your business is fairly straightforward, you can get quotes from most insurance companies online, and why pay extra fees to a middle-man, right? Not so fast! Just...

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Worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner, and how you can protect yourself from them. There are many risks that you face when working in the trades, and even more when you own a trades business. As the...

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Jobkeeper resources for tradies

Jobkeeper Resources

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of businesses are struggling with reduced income. The government is helping businesses financially with the Jobkeeper payment, which can provide up to $1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee for up to six...

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Solar Installers - Public Liability Insurance Claims

Solar insurance claims & rectification costs

We’ve seen plenty of public liability insurance claims from electricians undertaking solar installs over the years. One of the common themes we see are claims involving damage to a building’s roof.  Typically this is as a result of workers...

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Public liability run-off cover for tradies

Public liability run-off cover

Most trade business owners will know what public liability insurance is, but have you heard of run-off cover? It’s a big deal, but one that doesn’t get spoken about much when it comes to tradies.  It can result in...

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What insurance does a plumber need

What insurance does a plumber need?

As the owner of a plumbing business there are a number of different insurance types you may need. Which ones you need depends on a variety of factors, and one of the main factors is how you operate your...

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Tradie Guide - Workers Comp and Income Protection

Workers Compensation v Income Protection v Personal Accident Insurance – A Tradies Guide

If there’s one area of insurance that trips up a lot of tradies, and other business owners for that matter, it’s insurance related to income. Specifically we’re talking about workers compensation, income protection and personal accident and/or sickness insurance....

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Comparing Insurance Policies

Comparing Public Liability Policies

What makes one tradies public liability policy different to another? We speak with a lot of trade business owners every week, and sometimes we’re asked why there is a difference in cost between two policies which seem the same....

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Does a Sole Trader need an ABN?

Does a Sole Trader need an ABN?

If you’re operating your business as a sole trader in Australia, do you need to register an ABN? Operating as a sole trader is a very popular way for tradies to structure their businesses in Australia.  It is in...

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