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Worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner

5 worst nightmares for a trade business owner, and how you can protect yourself from them. There are many risks that you face when working in the trades, and even more when you own a trades business. As the...

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Jobkeeper resources for tradies

Jobkeeper Resources

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of businesses are struggling with reduced income. The government is helping businesses financially with the Jobkeeper payment, which can provide up to $1,500 per fortnight per eligible employee for up to six...

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Solar Installers - Public Liability Insurance Claims

Solar insurance claims & rectification costs

We’ve seen plenty of public liability insurance claims from electricians undertaking solar installs over the years. One of the common themes we see are claims involving damage to a building’s roof.  Typically this is as a result of workers...

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Public liability run-off cover for tradies

Public liability run-off cover

Most trade business owners will know what public liability insurance is, but have you heard of run-off cover? It’s a big deal, but one that doesn’t get spoken about much when it comes to tradies.  It can result in...

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What insurance does a plumber need

What insurance does a plumber need?

As the owner of a plumbing business there are a number of different insurance types you may need. Which ones you need depends on a variety of factors, and one of the main factors is how you operate your...

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Tradie Guide - Workers Comp and Income Protection

Workers Compensation v Income Protection v Personal Accident Insurance – A Tradies Guide

If there’s one area of insurance that trips up a lot of tradies, and other business owners for that matter, it’s insurance related to income. Specifically we’re talking about workers compensation, income protection and personal accident and/or sickness insurance....

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Comparing Insurance Policies

Comparing Public Liability Policies

What makes one tradies public liability policy different to another? We speak with a lot of trade business owners every week, and sometimes we’re asked why there is a difference in cost between two policies which seem the same....

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Does a Sole Trader need an ABN?

Does a Sole Trader need an ABN?

If you’re operating your business as a sole trader in Australia, do you need to register an ABN? Operating as a sole trader is a very popular way for tradies to structure their businesses in Australia.  It is in...

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What is a sole trader?

What is a Sole Trader?

Setting up as a sole trader is a common way for tradies to start their business. Our data shows that over 72% of tradies start their business with this structure. Whilst we’ve all heard the term, what does being...

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How to Double Your Business Productivity in the Next 90 Days

This is a guest post written by Jon Mailer, CEO of PROTRADE United. If you are looking to improve your business’ productivity, efficiencies, and ultimately profitability, then there is no better place to start than with yourself. A business...

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