Trade Risk is a proudly family-owned business, but we have some seriously strong back up…

We’re a member of Steadfast, which is the largest general insurance broker network in Australia.

How big? We’re talking over $10 billion worth of insurance premiums annually!

They’re also listed on the ASX with a market value of around $6 billion.

What does that mean to you? It means strength, and plenty of it.

If the Steadfast name sounds familiar, you might have seen it on the windscreen of David Reynold’s Mustang Supercar!

Steadfast Insurance Mustang

Trade Risk’s market-leading specialisation in the trades, plus the enormous strength of Steadfast, makes for an unbeatable combination for our clients.

As a Steadfast broker we have access to things that some of our competitors don’t.

Their enormous buying power with the major insurance companies means we can enjoy better system access, better policy wordings and the potential for better claims outcomes when things get hairy.

Importantly for you, it gives us access to some very big guns if we find ourselves fighting for a claim.

We’ve built a lot of our own knowledge, experience and influence to get tricky claims over the line, but if we need it, we can call in the big guns from Steadfast.

They have a ‘triage’ team who specialise in challenging claims, and due to their size and influence they may be able to push through the roadblocks that we come up against.

In truth we’ve probably used that service barely a handful of times out of hundreds of claims, but as a Trade Risk client, you should feel good knowing it’s in the back pocket if we need it.

Our team is small enough to give the personalised service you know and love, but with the strength of the multi-billion dollar Steadfast when we need it.

Steadfast Insurance - The Strength You Need