Australian Owned

Trade Risk is a certified Australian owned company.

And like most of our clients, we remain proudly family owned.

Many of our competitors who you might be considering are owned by large corporates, and in some cases foreign owned corporations.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but we believe being a family owned brokerage gives us a better understanding of a trades business, which are predominantly family owned.

When we make decisions in our business, we do so knowing the impact it could have on another family-owned Australian business.


Steadfast Insurance - The Strength You Need

Just because we’re a family-owned business doesn’t mean we’re weaker than the big guys though…

We’re a member of Steadfast, which is Australia’s largest insurance broking network.

As a network, they place over $10 billion worth of insurance premiums every year, and are listed on the ASX with a valuation of around $6 billion.

So whilst Trade Risk might still be a family-owned business, we have some massive strength behind us!

Steadfast Insurance Mustang