What is the most powerful new ute you can buy in Australia?

In years gone by the answer to this would be a HSV Maloo, but the days of buying a new Holden are over.

The company behind HSV – Walkinshaw Performance – haven’t given up on crazy powerful utes (or trucks) just yet though…

They already bring us the 313kW Chevrolet Silverado 1500, and whilst utes like this and the Dodge Ram weren’t exactly popular with tradies in the early days, we are now seeing more of them in the hands of tradies and builders.

Electrician Chev Silverado

The Silverado of Pulse Electrical

But what if 313kW just isn’t enough for you? What if you need a little more power to lug that 2.5 tonne beast around, plus another 4.5 tonne on the trailer?

How does 520kW sound? What about torque somewhere between 800Nm and 900Nm?

It’s been been reported by CarAdvice we can expect those figures to be announced sometime in early 2021.

The big power boost comes from strapping a supercharger to the already powerful 6.2 litre V8.

HSV Silverado

It’s not going to be cheap considering the standard Silverado 1500 costs over $100k in Australia, and clearly it’s not at a price point where every tradie is going to rush out and finance a new Silverado.

But as these big utes start to make their way onto the used market over the next few years, they could be a viable option for tradies and builders needing (or just wanting!) that V8 pulling power and sound.

With the 2022 Ford Ranger having no V8 option, and old HSV utes selling for more than houses, these big American utes are our seemingly our only option.

Australia's Most Powerful Ute