Whether you just need liability cover as an operator, or need to insure a fleet of earthmoving plant and machinery, we can help you.

We’ve been helping business owners in the building and construction industry for over a decade, and have assisted over 10,000 businesses with their insurance needs.

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Earthmoving insurance types

There are many different insurance types that an earthmoving business may need.

We’ll look at a couple of the common ones below, but we do recommend speaking with one of our team to properly assess your risks and which covers you need.

Earthmoving Business Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability is the most commonly required form of insurance for any construction-based business, and it’s no different for earthmoving.

This is the insurance that will cover you in the event that you cause property damage or personal injury to another person.

Given the nature of earthmoving and excavation work, insuring yourself against the risk of causing such damage is absolutely vital.

When looking at quotes for public liability insurance, make sure you keep an eye on any excavation depth limits on the policy.

Some policies might say they’re suitable for an earthmoving business, but have a depth limit of only 1 or 2 metres. This might be completely useless to you depending on the work you’re doing.

So don’t rely on the policy covering all of your earthmoving and excavation work because that’s the listed occupation – check all of the other conditions too.

By using a specialist insurance broker such as Trade Risk you can rely on us to pick these things up for you and make sure the cover is appropriate.

Plant & Machinery

In an earthmoving business your most valuable assets (besides your own ability to work) is your mobile plant and machinery.

If they are stolen or damaged, you need to have them replaced or repaired quickly so you can get back on the job.

Plant and machinery insurance can help to protect your valuable assets from a range of different risks.

We can also assist with commercial motor insurance for your other vehicles, including the trucks you use to transport your machinery.

Other Business Insurance Types

What other insurance you might need in your earthmoving business depends on many different factors.

Here at Trade Risk we can assist with all forms of business insurance, including but not limited to:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Plant and machinery
  • Commercial motor
  • Contract works
  • Contractual liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Trade credit insurance
  • Personal accident cover
  • And many more…

The best option is to speak with one of our experts who understand the risks that a business like yours can face.

They can run through the different options for you and put together a range of quotes that suit your needs and budget.

For more information or to get started on the quoting process please call us on 1800 808 800 or contact us online.

Our office is based in Queensland, but we assist thousands of clients from all over Australia.

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