For the last four years running we’ve made the annual “Elite Broker” list.

This list covers the top 30 insurance brokers in Australia, based on a number of factors including the number of clients, client retention, revenue etc.

Elite Broker Medals

Whilst it’s been a great honour to make the list every year, we’re not submitting our figures this year and will therefore not be on the list for the first time since 2014.


Making the list is an individual honour, meaning that it’s actually me – Shane Moore – who makes the list rather than Trade Risk.

Whilst Trade Risk might have been more about me in the early days, today it is much more about the amazing insurance brokers and support staff we have on our team.

That includes (in alphabetical order) Anastasia, Ariahna, Cheryl, Jayne, Jennifer, Peta and Samantha.  Not to mention former staff who’ve helped us onto the previous years’ lists.

I don’t actually do any of the insurance broking work at Trade Risk any more, so my name certainly shouldn’t be the one on the list of ‘Elite Brokers’.

It would be great if we could make the list as a team, but if we genuinely break our numbers down to our individual brokers, none of us would individually make the list.

In truth, many of the other individuals on the list probably fall into a similar category, where they are including the numbers of their employed brokers and support staff, and that’s their choice.

But for me, I’m bowing out of the running and congratulate whoever takes my place on the elite list of 30.

It’s been great, but Trade Risk is about the team, not about me.

The Team

We’re not exactly lacking when it comes to team accolades though!

For the last two years running we’ve been a finalist in the Optus MyBusiness Awards, and this year we’ve been named a finalist in the Small Business Champions Awards.

Optus Business Insurance Awards

Last year we were a finalist in two categories at the Insurance Business Awards, and won the Best Customer Service Category.

Insurance Business Awards

So whilst my name might not be on the Elite Broker list any more, as a team we are still kicking major goals and winning amazing awards!

We can confidently claim to be Australia’s most awarded trade insurance brokers, and it’s all thanks to our amazing team and the loyal clients who continue to support us.