Bishop St Kelvin Grove Office.

Newsletter – December 2015

I hope your year is going well as we enter the last month of 2015. This is just our second newsletter for the year, so you can’t accuse us of sending you too many emails!  Here’s what you’ll find...

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Carpentry Australia

National trade association endorses Trade Risk

PRESS RELEASE Australia’s peak representative body for carpenters, Carpentry Australia, has appointed Trade Risk as their insurance partner. The partnership will see Carpentry Australia endorse Trade Risk as the preferred supplier of insurance services to its members. In addition...

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Worksite Safety Sign

Contractual Liability Insurance

A lot of tradies feel that their public liability insurance will look after them if anything goes wrong on the job site. It will certainly look after a lot of things, specifically if they are a result of your...

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Stolen Tools

Stolen Tradies Gear

Trade Risk is pleased to announce we have taken over running the popular Stolen Tradies Gear page on Facebook. The aim of the page is to use social media to spread the word far and wide whenever tradies have...

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Tradies Ute & Trailer

Tradies Car Insurance

Trade Risk is well known for public liability and tool insurance, but did you know we can look after your vehicle as well? Many tradies choose to use Trade Risk for their public liability and tools, but put their...

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Does a handyman need professional indemnity?

We get a lot of tradies, in particular handymen, contacting us about professional indemnity insurance. The reason is often the same – a real estate agency they are doing work for requires that they provide evidence of such a...

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Tradies Insurance Logo

Tradies Insurance joins the Trade Risk family

Trade Risk is pleased to announce that it has acquired the website and intellectual property of (“Tradies Insurance”). Tradies Insurance was established almost a decade ago, and was one of the first websites to specifically cater to the...

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Stolen Tools

Should I lodge a claim?

The whole reason that you have insurance is so that you can make a claim if something goes wrong. Therefore, if something happened that should be covered by your trades insurance, you’d be mad not to make a claim...

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Tradies Insurance Pack

If you’re going to take out insurance, it makes sense to go with a package. Trade Risk are the experts when it comes to putting together insurance packages for tradies. Whether you just need public liability and tools, or...

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Grinder Face Pixelate

Top 10 photos from Tradie Mayhem

One of our favourite pages on Facebook right now is Tradie Mayhem. The page features some pretty wild photos sent in by tradies from around the country. Some of the photos are simply funny, some are cringeworthy (especially for us...

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