We’ve helped thousands of Brisbane businesses with their insurance needs over the last decade.

Whether you need a broker to visit your premises, or you’d prefer to come to us, or you simply like dealing over the phone with the knowledge that we have a local presence, we’re here for you.

We don’t operate as a call centre, and once you become a Trade Risk client you’ll have your own dedicated insurance broker, based right here in Brisbane, available when you need them.

Our office is based in Hendra, which is around 15 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD.

If you’d like to arrange some quotes or have a chat with one of our insurance brokers please call us on 07 3856 1301 or click here to start your enquiry online.

For more information about the types of businesses we deal with in Brisbane and the types of insurance we can help with, please read on…

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What types of businesses do we deal with?

Our speciality is being the insurance broker of choice for the trades industry, and specifically the construction trades.

We look after a large number of electrical contracting companies in Brisbane, whilst carpenters, builders and plumbers are also high on our list.

But we have the experience and expertise to look after any type of business.  Our clients include medical centres, cafes and retail outlets.  We’re proud to be their insurance broker too.

The businesses we really enjoy dealing with are those that are still operated by the owners.  As a family-owned business ourselves, we understand the risks faced not just by the business, but also by the owners of the business.

We also enjoy dealing with businesses that are experiencing growth, or at least planning for growth.  As a business we have experienced strong growth every year since our inception over a decade ago, and we like dealing with business owners who have a similar growth mindset.

That’s not to say that we don’t like dealing with nice stable businesses however!  As insurance brokers it’s easier to deal with stable businesses, so we’re always happy with that too.

What size of business do we deal with?

Our Brisbane-based clients are primarily in the 1-10 staff member range, but we also deal with clients who have 50 staff or more.

As insurance brokers we’re not limited by any set number of staff or revenue levels, but we tend to find that up to around 10-20 staff is a sweet spot for us.

In terms of revenue, we deal with some clients who may be doing less than $10k in revenue as a side hustle, whilst we have others doing over $20 million a year.

We’re perfectly capable of being the insurance broker to a business of any size by staff or revenue.

What types of insurance do we assist with?

We assist with virtually any form of business insurance.

The most common form of insurance we deal with is public liability insurance.  That would be followed by general property insurance, motor insurance, professional indemnity and many more.

As insurance brokers we can deal with more or less any type of business insurance, but there are a few exceptions.

Workers compensation insurance in Brisbane (and Queensland for that matter) is managed by WorkCover Queensland.  This has to be arranged directly with them, and not through an insurance broker like us.

We don’t deal with income protection or life insurance, but we can refer you to a financial adviser who can assist.

No matter how complex you think your insurance needs are, our brokers can put together a package which covers all of your business insurance needs.

Brisbane born and bred

We’re proud to call Brisbane home.  We’re not just a local office of a Sydney or Melbourne brokerage, we’re a proud Brisbane insurance broker.

Over the last ten years we’ve had offices in Kelvin Grove, Fortitude Valley, Albion and our current home in Hendra.

We keep having to move since we keep outgrowing our office space!

Although we’re based in Brisbane we have enjoyed success Australia-wide.  Less than half of our clients are actually based in Queensland, and we now have clients in every state and territory of Australia.

We’ve also enjoyed success on a national level.  In 2018 we won Best Customer Service at the Insurance Business Awards.  We won against insurance brokers from all over the country.

In 2020 we were named one of the Top 10 Brokerages in Australia, and we were the highest placed Brisbane insurance brokerage on the list!

So whilst we love being based in Brisbane, we really love being able to compete on a national level.

We’ve also appeared on the Channel 7 Brisbane News talking about tool theft, and have been quoted in the Courier Mail.

How do we get started?

The best way to get started is with a phone (07 3856 1301) call or an online enquiry.

For businesses needing only basic business insurance, we can often deal with it all online.  You can choose whether you want to speak with us or just do everything online and via email.

Having a chat with one of our brokers is often a good idea however.  It allows us to get a good understanding of what you need, and we can put together some great recommendations and quotes for you.

Speaking with one of our Brisbane-based insurance brokers, even if it’s just over the phone, will give you a better idea of what we’re about too.  We want you to be comfortable when you choose to us.

For businesses that are a little larger or more complex we’re always happy to come to you.  We’re generally happy to travel anywhere in Brisbane, but we also travel to the Gold Coast for some larger clients.

Ultimately is about us wanting to deal with you however you choose.  If you never want to speak with us, but still want to know you have an experienced insurance broker available when you need us, that’s just fine.

Or if you want a broker who you can meet face-to-face with every year, or more often if you have a fast growing and changing business, that’s just fine as well.

For more information please call our Brisbane office on 07 3856 1301 or contact us online.

We love helping Brisbane businesses just like us, and we’d love the opportunity to help you too.

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