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Starting a Trades Business

For a lot of tradies, once they finish their apprenticeship one of the first things they think about is going out on their own. This may be as a subcontractor, possibly still working with the same company, or out...

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Sole Traders Insurance

Sole Trader Insurance

We specialise in sole trader insurance and have helped thousands of sole traders with their business insurance needs. Whilst we also look after plenty of larger businesses, sole traders and one-person companies really are our bread and butter. The Trade...

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Google Tradesman

Online Marketing for Tradies

Here at Trade Risk we get the bulk of our new clients from two different sources: referrals from existing clients and others who find us online. Any decent tradie will be great at getting referrals from existing clients and...

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Staying healthy on the job – 7 tips for tradies

When you’re working long hours in the heat of a hot Aussie summer, if you don’t look after yourself, you could end up in a bad way. But staying healthy doesn’t have to be a drag – and you...

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Good, fast and cheap – it is possible

There’s a common saying in business when it comes to wanting things good, cheap and fast. You can pick any two of them, but not the third.  i.e. You can have good and cheap, but it won’t be fast....

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Handyman Tools

Property maintenance insurance

If you’re running a property maintenance business there are a few different insurance types you should consider. Why?  Because like all trades and workers in the building and services industry, there are certain risks that you face in your...

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Budget for Tradespeople

Why does it cost more to pay monthly?

Some insurance brokers charge extra for monthly payments, and some don’t. Are the ones not charging extra automatically better? Are the ones charging extra just greedy? Interesting questions, and definitely worth looking at when you’re comparing trade insurance quotes....

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Saving Money

Is the cheapest trade insurance always the best option?

It seems everyone haggles on the price of everything these days. As as tradie you would’ve experienced the same no doubt. You quote someone on a quality job, only to have someone else undercut you. And chances are the...

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Tradies ute

Being prepared for a stolen tools claim

Waking up in the morning to find someone has ripped off your gear has to be one of the worst feelings for a tradie. Some guys are lucky and only have a couple of items taken by an opportunistic...

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Carpentry Job

Common insurance questions from chippies

At Trade Risk we insure around one thousand carpenters from around Australia, so we know a thing or two when it comes to your insurance. We get plenty of questions each week, so we’ve decided to answer a few...

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